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An Augmented-Reality App That Lets You ‘Snatch’ Songs From The Sky

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Air France’s onboard song service—“Air France Music”—has developed an augmented-reality app that allows earth-bound listeners to grab tunes from the sky.

By pointing their mobile devices heavenwards, users of the “Music In The Sky” app will be able to discover hidden songs—marked by music note icons—and ‘snatch’ them up for listening pleasure.

The selection of songs available for unlocking varies from one country to the next, so if you are a frequent traveler, you will be able to create playlists unique to each destination—the more you travel, the more songs you can collect!

In line with Air France Music’s indie musical style, you can expect to find hits from the likes of M83, Cults and The Roots—in addition to other unreleased music—on the service’s app.


The app also includes a game component, where users can win prizes by applying their music trivia knowledge.

[via Air France Music]
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