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Photographer Creates Whimsical Miniature Clouds That ‘Rain’ & ‘Snow'

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London-based photographer Sarah Ann Wright has shot a trio of fun and dreamy pictures featuring miniature clouds that ‘rain’ and ‘snow’.

Poised over a glass of water, a pair of out-stretched hands and a smiling face, these tiny, whimsical clouds seem to work like regular clouds, capable of producing rain and snow.

The truth is, these magical-looking clouds are made of commonplace facial cotton wool—but knowing that does not take their charm away.

Incredibly, the photographer has managed to keep the digital post-production of these photographs to a minimal—everything in them are real, except for the falling snow, which is an effect on Photoshop.


The falling rain is created by hairspray, while the snow cupped in the hands is fake—nonetheless, these images still invoke a sense of wonder and are beautiful to look at.

View more of the photographer’s work on her website.

[via My Modern Met]
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