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Give Us Your Best Caption: Musical Supernova

To help you get off on the right foot every morning, DesignTAXI will be featuring an image everyday from its social network for creatives, The Creative Finder, to keep you inspired.

In this segment ‘Image of the Day’, you—our very lovely readers—are invited to submit captions to describe the selected image: just simply tweet it with the page's URL and hashtag #tellapictale, or leave a comment at the bottom.

Winning captions would be featured the following day.

Today’s ‘Image of the Day’ belongs to Branimir Jaredic. Congratulations!

How would you describe this image?

Yesterday’s winning caption goes to Dave J. Bailey: “...And, Mr. President, in this next slide, you'll see a graph detailing our New York operations projected profit flow if we DO decide to invest in Japanese packaging import in the next fiscal year, prepared by our own graphics guy Larry.... :: CLICK ::'re fired, Larry.”

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