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Drugged Up Spiders ‘Design’ Web Bowls

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Using the results of a NASA experiment—where spiders are put under the influence of certain psychoactive substances—French designer Guillaume Lehoux has designed a series of bowls, entitled 'SOD_project', that replicates the webs spun by the drugged up spiders.

As the substances affect the spiders’ abilities and behaviors, the webs they weave (when under the influence of each drug) feature patterns that are not seen in nature.

For instance, marijuana affects the concentration of the spider, which results in it being incapable of completing its web.

The bowls feature random but beautiful patterns, and are able to hold fruits, keys and other small objects.

These bowls are a great example of how science and art can meet, to product objects that are not only pleasing to the eye but useful as well.


[via Guillaume Lehoux]
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