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In China, Man Spends Life Savings On An Ark To Survive The ‘End Of The World'

Fearing the Mayan prophecy—which predicts the ‘end of the world’ on 21 December 2012—a Chinese man by the name of Lu Zhenghai decided to build his own ‘Noah’s Ark’ to survive the ‘Apocalypse’.

According to Daily Mail, Lu spent his entire life savings of £100,000 to build the ark.

The vessel measures in at 21.2m long, 15.5m wide and 5.6m high and is capable of displacing about 140 tons of water.

Despite admitting that the appeal of the vessel is not much, Lu maintains his confidence of his vessel serving its purpose.

Maybe someone should have told him that the world won’t be ending in 2012.

[via Daily Mail]
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