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Designers Create A Studio Apartment With Customizable Living Spaces

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Japanese designers Alex Knezo and Akinori Hamada of Studio_01 have designed a studio apartment with customizable living spaces.

Called the ‘Barcode room’, it is composed of moveable walls or bars (thus, its name) that are able to slide freely from side-to-side on a track.

Functional elements, such as storage and furniture, have been built into these walls—allowing residents to determine the size of space needed to fulfill a variety of different uses.

“Through the use of the furniture-wall, or bars, barcode room takes the typical studio space made for a single resident and allows it to be transformed into a space where one can live and friends can gather,” the website wrote.

Click to watch the video below:

Lunch gathering

Double bed room


Small meetings

Movie night party

Cooking party

Bachelor pad

[via Studio_01]
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