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Typographers & Their Handwriting

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In this digital age, most of us conduct our written communication with typefaces designed by typographers, instead of with our own handwriting.

Acknowledging the immense influence of typographers in shaping the way we write, Sydney-based web and graphic designer Cameron Adams decided to look into how these type-smiths wield an old-fashion tool—the pen.

Wondering if a typographer’s handwriting affects the work he produces, Adams asked a group of prominent typographers to send in samples of their handwriting, and compared them to the typefaces they created.

It is interesting to note the similarities—and differences—between the typographer’s handwriting and the typefaces he/she has designed.

Would you have expected typographers’ handwriting to be like these?

(Erik Spiekermann)

(Göran Söderström)


(Nikola Djurek)

(Sebastian Lester)

(Kris Sowerby)

(Eduardo Manso)

(Veronika Burian)

(Marian Bantjes)

(Dino dos Santos)

[via The Man In Blue]
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