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Eat Dessert On Plates Featuring Real Human Tissues

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Medical illustrator and artist Emily Evans—who’s also responsible for creating human-blood printed posters for Resident Evil 6’s launch—created a collection of bone China plates inspired by histology, the study of microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues.

‘Histology Dessert Plates’ is made of real human tissue, in the sense that magnified images of real human tissue were printed on them.

The thought of eating on plates with images of testicle, liver, thyroid, esophagus, kidney, bone, pancreas and bowel, may make you lose your appetite—but the plates are rather aesthetically pleasing when what it actually is remains untold.

After all, it’s all a mindset, and ignorance is truly bliss.

The slides of various human tissue were provided by Michelle Spear, clinical anatomist at Cambridge University, and the plates were fired by ceramic artist Emma Smith.

Would you eat on these plates?


[via Emily Evans]
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