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Throw An Impromptu Dance Party With A Washing Machine

Residents of Christchurch, New Zealand can now throw impromptu dance parties in public spaces—with NZ$2 and an old washing machine.

The brainchild of the people behind urban regeneration initiative Gap Filler, the 'Dance-O-Mat' is a pop-up dance floor where the lighting and sound are provided by a converted washing machine.

Open to the public, anyone can come up to the dance floor, plug in their mp3 player to the Dance-O-Mat and start dancing.

In the wake of the last two devastating earthquakes experienced in the city, Gap Fillers responded to the destruction by organizing community-minded creative projects in vacant lots that are awaiting redevelopment.

The innovative project has seen a great diversity of people working up a sweat on its dance floor, including professional dancers, elderly folks and even royalty—Prince Charles and Camilla went on a whirl on the Dance-O-Mat the last time they were in Christchurch!

[via Gap Filler]
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