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Strategies For Sleeping At Work

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Most of us feel tired as the day progresses—especially after lunch, when a siesta could really do the trick.

If you’re tired from working, Online Clock has some tricks for successful ‘sneaky’ snoozing at work.

‘Strategies For Sleeping On The Job’ lists six funny methods that could be put to use, namely: “Power Outage”, “Avid Reader”, “Cultural Cap”, “Cut & Paste”, “New Hairdo” and “Stand-In”.

These methods include shaving the top of your head, cutting paper eyes from a magazine and sticking it on, sleeping under a desk, and a life-sized cut-out, just to name a few.


It also lists the required materials, such as a desk, power cord or book; the level of execution, from easy to gutsy; and the comfort level.

Use at your own risk!

If all else fails, just start a petition that allows napping in the office and keep your fingers crossed.

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

[via Online Clock]
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