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A Bottle Opener That Also Reseals Bottles, Keeps Beer Fresh

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Have you ever popped open a bottle of beer, somehow couldn’t finish it and wished that you could save it for later without it going flat and stale?

For times like these, the Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer comes in really handy—this specially-designed gadget is not only capable of opening all 26mm (US standard) and 29mm (European, craft beer) bottles, but can also reseal them to effectively keep in the fizz and taste.

By sliding a rubbery panel over the bottle opening, the opener provides an air-tight seal—even if you tip the bottle completely upside down, none of the liquid will spill out.

This user-friendly and pocket-sized gadget has instructions engraved on the opener itself—and would make a great addition to any beer-lover’s collection of brew-related paraphernalia.


[via Fast Co Design]
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