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Never Lose Anything Again With Stick-N-Find Stickers

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If you have ever misplaced something important—like your keys, wallet or remote control—you will know how frustrating it is.

To make sure that you will always find your lost things, Florida-based American designers have created Stick-N-Find stickers—small, Bluetooth-powered location stickers that sync with your smartphone.

Simply paste these nondescript black, round stickers on things you want to keep track of, and find them easily the next time they get misplaced.

With a range of 100 feet, they are controlled via an app that will show all your tracked items on a radar-like screen—they also come with a buzzer and light, which means that you can find your things even in the dark.


With Stick-N-Find you will probably never have to waste time hunting for lost things again.

[via Stick-N-Find]
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