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Starbucks To Introduce Limited Edition ‘Steel' Gift Cards

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Coffee lovers, you may want to place your cups of joe down on the table.

Starbucks has announced that it will be introducing US$450 limited edition gift cards made out of steel.

Dubbed as the “first-ever metal Starbucks card”, the specially-etched card will cost US$50 to make and will come loaded with US$400—thus its hefty price tag.

The cards will also come with “gold-level Starbucks card membership benefits”—such as free gifts and refills on brewed coffee and tea.


“Some stores will never ever see this card,” said Ryan Records, vice president of card and payments at Starbucks.

According to USA Today, it said that this move by Starbucks combines two emerging trends: “consumer love of gift cards” and “upper-end exclusivity”.

Starbucks will only be making 5,000 cards, which can only be purchased on luxury goods website, Gilt.

[via USA Today, image via Gilt]
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