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Social Media Battle: Instagram Cuts Off Photo Integration On Twitter

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It is official—Instagram has stopped playing nice with Twitter.

In this latest episode of the on-going battle between the two popular social media sites—which started when Twitter disabled an important “find my Twitter friends” feature on Instagram earlier this year—Instagram has cut off photo integration with Twitter.

With the disabling of integration with “Twitter Cards”—the app that Twitter uses to display multimedia inside of tweets—Instagram-posted photos on Twitter will look oddly cropped from now on.


Instagram chief Kevin Systrom comments on this move: “We want to direct users to where the content lives originally. Where do you go to interact with [an Instagram] image? We want that to be because that’s a better user experience.”

Twitter had probably seen this day coming—as it announced that it would be introducing its own photo filters last month.

One thing is for sure: if this bickering goes on, user experience on both Instagram and Twitter could only suffer.

[via App Advice]
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