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LEGO ‘Tribute To Hermés’ Birkin Bag

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LEGO jewelry maker Agnieszka Biernacka has combined fashion and the toy bricks to produce a bag as a tribute to the famous Hermés Birkin bag.

The ‘Tribute to Hermés’ bag is an unofficial LEGO replica of the branded bag, and comes in many colors—white, yellow, red, blue, light or dark grey, and even multicolor versions.

Retailing at a much lower price compared to the Hermés Birkin bag, the US$400 toy bricks bag is designed for everyday use as it is reinforced to carry some weight.

It also has a working closing flap and two big pockets inside.


We bet its surface could be used for your own LEGO personalizations as well.

[via Agnieszka Biernacka]
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