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Macy’s Introduces Sweater With Embedded Video Screen

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Fashion retailer Macy’s has teamed up with clothing brand Sean John and visual display company Recom Group to create a sweater with an embedded video screen.

Called “the world’s first integration of video and fashion”, the sweater has a small sleeve pouch that holds a mini video player.

The device has a 2.8” OLED display with a 320 x 240 resolution and 2GB of inbuilt memory for storing videos.

“We are excited to launch this creative combination of technology and fashion,” shared Macy’s Vice President, Durand Guion.


CEO of Recom group, Rob Norden also expressed enthusiasm about the new integration: “Video screens are an integral part of our lives from our phones to our homes. Clothing was a natural extension. We love what Sean John has created to embrace this new fashion accessory.”

The sweater will only be available in selected outlets of Macy’s stores.

Is wearing ‘your heart on your sleeve’ passé? Are videos the latest in-thing?

[via Recom Group]
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