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YouTube Gets A Facelift, Places Emphasis On Subscriptions And Channels

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Video website YouTube has unveiled a fresh new look—going with a “cleaner” and “simpler” design that places more emphasis on subscriptions and channels.

Announced in a blog post yesterday, the changes include placing videos at the top of the page—moving the ‘subscribe’ button, social functions and video information directly below the video.

The playlist is now available on the right and can be browsed simultaneously while watching a video.

Besides design changes, YouTube also introduced a ‘Guide’ that alerts users of new videos from their subscribed list.


Users will be able to find the Guide and their subscriptions on other devices and apps—such as Android, iPhone, Playstation 3, Google TV and more.

According to YouTube, these changes are being made throughout the site.

What do you think of YouTube’s latest design changes?

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[via YouTube]
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