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Robot Allows Anyone From Anywhere In The World To Sign A Physical Card

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Chicago-based artist Harvey Moon has created a robot for DraftFCB that replicates the birthday card-signing experience on a global scale.

Called the ‘Auto-Graph’, the robotic drawing machine transcribes digital signatures onto a physical card—making it feasible for anyone from anywhere in the world to send their regards.

It takes the digital submissions (made using a mouse or touch-device) from the microsite Our Gift To You, captures the vector data, and replicates it stroke for stroke with a marker on a massive 10" x 12" card.

The card is part of DraftFCB’s charitable donation to the Coalition for the Homeless—on behalf of its employees, clients and friends.

Users can also watch Auto-Graph in real-time here, or in action below:


[via PSFK]
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