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Diesel Relaunches Its Best-Selling ‘Pre-Internet’ 1993 Shoe

Returning to the good old days when there was no ‘over-sharing’ or ‘information overload’, clothing label Diesel has relaunched its best-selling 1993 ‘Pre-Internet’ shoe with two humorous spots.

In the campaign ‘Pre-Internet Experience’, Diesel, with the help of ad agency SFMB, uses reverse-psychology as a strategy to promote its low-tech YUK shoe—which was produced just before the internet boom.

Visitors are challenged to give up Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for three days—but ironically, the brand is using a website and Facebook for its contest.

The promotional videos feature men practicing karate and parkour, to hilariously show that the shoes don’t track their movements like modern-day finds.

Check them out below:

[via Diesel Pre-Internet Experience]
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