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Eccentric Coffins That Look Like Quirky Cartoon Monsters?

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Swiss-born, New York-basd sculptor Olaf Breuning has given a seriously morbid subject a light-hearted spin—he has created coffins that look like bizarrely cheerful-looking cartoon monsters.

Inspired by a tradition in Ghana—where the deceased are put to rest in eccentric and memorable caskets—the artist has designed and made a series of unconventional coffins for himself.

Resembling what look to be giant popsicles and chocolate bars, Breuning’s special caskets are painted with grinning faces and consists of strange details like hands, feet and horns.

In contrast to the drab and dreary designs of normal coffins, these definitely make a statement about how death need not be a completely gloomy affair.


[via Trendhunter]
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