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Google Search ‘Mad Men-Style’ With A Virtual Typewriter

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Design studio mass:werk has created a new website that lets visitors search the web ‘Mad Men-style’.

CalledGoogle60’, the site features a typewriter-like search bar where users can punch in their web search queries.

After users have typed in their queries, they will be prompted to select one of three different ‘modes’—‘text search’, ‘image search’ or ‘get the latest news’.

By selecting ‘text search’, it prompts the typewriter to slowly punch out the search results (similar to a normal Google Search); with ‘image search’, it will recreate images using asterisks and dashes; while ‘get the latest news’ provides news stories.

According to a description the website, it said, “Google 60 is an art project to explore distances and heroism in user interfaces.”


[via Google60]
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