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'Jedi-ism' Is One of The Most Popular Religions In The UK

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According to a new nation-wide Census, Jedi-ism is among the most popular religions in England and Wales today.

Coming up just behind major religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism, the Star Wars-inspired “faith” reportedly has 176,632 followers, who have identified themselves as Jedi Knights.


Although Jedi-ism has seen more than a 50% drop in followership since the Census was last conducted in 2001—when there were 390,127 Jedi Knights—it is still the most popular alternative faith among the surveyed population.

We wonder if this would make George Lucas a religious leader.

This latest Census has also revealed that 6,242 people subscribe to the Heavy Metal religion, which was set up by Metal Hammer magazine in 2010.

[via The Telegraph]
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