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Scrotum-Shaped Christmas Ornaments?

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In what can only be described as a ‘Christmas miracle’, two separate non-profit organizations have created the same product and given them the same name: ‘Bauballs’.

Working with UK-based charity Orchid, creative agency Fallon created a scrotum-shaped Christmas ornament to raise awareness for male-related cancer.

Meanwhile, another creative agency Albion London had the same idea, and created a whole sack (pun intended) of ball-shaped ornaments that are character-based for a separate male charity Everyman.

While it is debatable who first came up with the idea, both sides are doing their part to raise awareness for a serious health issue.

We’ll leave you to decide whose ‘balls’ you prefer.

Click here to check out the ornaments from Orchid and Fallon, and here for the ornaments by Albion London and Everyman.


Bauballs by Orchid and Fallon

[via Co.Create]
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