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Are These The Most Creative Burgers Ever Made?

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French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin have created what are probably the most awesome and imaginative burgers you will ever come across.

What started out as a project to spice up lunch-time, evolved into Fat & Furious Burger, a mind-blowing series of cleverly-styled experimental burgers inspired by current news headlines.

According to the burger creators, they “were so bored of random food at lunch, so [they] started cooking together [and] it soon became a kind of a ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger”.

Modeling their burgers to reflect recent events and trends in popular culture, the duo’s amazing collection of burger creations includes a Thanksgiving burger, a James Bond burger and Lord of the Rings burger.

Their latest masterpiece is the timely 'The End' burger, a reference to the Mayan doomsday prediction.

Each of these burgers come with a witty caption—for instance, “My name is Bun, James Bun” for the James Bond burger—and its receipe.


[via Business Insider]
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