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Google To Launch Maps App For The iOS Tonight?

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iPhone users rejoice—the days of using Apple Maps may soon be over.

In an article by AllThingsD, it reported that Google has plans to release its long-awaited iOS Maps app tonight, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Google Maps—which has been pre-installed on the iPhone since the smartphone was first launched—was removed in September with the launch of Apple Maps in iOS 6.


If the app does get launched tonight, it should be a welcomed addition for many iOS users—who have criticized Apple’s Maps for its inaccuracies and poorly-rendered images.

Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook admitted to the shortcomings of the company’s Maps app by sending a letter of apology to its customers.

Will you be making the switch from Apple to Google if the app launches tonight?

UPDATE: Google Maps has been launched and can be downloaded for free here.

[via AllThingsD]
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