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A 50-Foot Giant Rubber Duckie Floats Down The Thames In London

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London-based Bingo website sent a 50-foot tall rubber duckie down the River Thames—just for the fun of it.

The cute gigantic fowl is part of a publicity stunt to bring awareness to the site’s new Facebook initiative “FUNdation”, a £250,000 fund that is dedicated to cheering the nation up by crowd-sourcing and financing fun ideas.

Floating past many of London’s most recognizable landmarks—such as the Millennium Dome and the Tower of London—the oversized rubber duckie is so huge that the Tower Bridge was needed to be lifted, in order for it to pass through.

Sparking laughter and smiles wherever it goes, it encapsulates the spirit of FUNdation, which aims to “get the laughter quota back where it belongs” by helping people to have some “daft fun”.

Find out how the rubber duckie was put together—using more than 800 man-hours—and see it in action in the video below:


[via Daily Mail]
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