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MINI Sets New Guinness World Record For ‘Tightest Parallel Parking Job’

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To promote its new hatchback car, MINI set a new Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking job earlier this year.

Pitting two professional precision stunt drivers against each other during an event in China—wittily dubbed “The Chinese Job”—the new record was finally achieved by Han Yue, who drove a MINI Coupe.

Using an incredible handbrake maneuver to slide the car into place in a single move, the drivers brought the record down gradually from 21 centimeters to an unbelievable 15 centimeters.

Considering that parallel parking—even with more space to spare—is one of the hardest driving skills to master, this is an astounding feat.


To top it off, the drivers made it look positively effortless in the video below:

[via Core 77]
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