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Minimalist Re-Design of ‘Monopoly’, For Designers

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California-based visual artist and web designer Matthew Hollett has given the beloved classic boardgame Monopoly a minimalist make-over, presenting it in a sleek new look.

Naming it 'Onopo', the designer has stripped away all the unnecessary frills and simplified the game to its bare essence, by using “a minimal iconographic system which uses as little language as possible”.

Gone are the thematic property names, text-heavy “Chance” cards and even the dollar sign on the paper money—using just basic shapes and an array of colors, Hollett has created easy-to-understand symbols for a cleverly pared down game.

While this redesigned version probably would not look like much fun to the children—who love visual richness in their games—but to designers, the sleek “exercise in consistency and constraint” look may be appealing.


[via Matthew Hollett]
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