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The Top 10 Most-Googled Things Of 2012

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Search engine Google has unveiled the most-searched for things of the year.

From global games to historical elections and everything in between, the company’s ‘Zeitgeist 2012’ features comprehensive lists that best reflect the year.

The results were achieved through: studying “an aggregation of over one trillion searches that people typed into Google Search this year”, using data from multiple sources, filtering out spam and repeated queries; according to Google.

The searches that got the highest amount of traffic over 2012 are:
  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Gangnam Style
  3. Hurricane Sandy
  4. iPad 3
  5. Diablo 3
  6. Kate Middleton
  7. Olympics 2012
  8. Amanda Todd
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  10. BBB12

Users can also filter search trends by-country.


[via Google]
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