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Expletives-Peppered Alternative Greeting Cards

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If you are bored with the warm, cheerful and absolutely-banal messages found on most greeting cards, the rude, profanity-filled letterpress cards from Calligraphuck may feel like a breath of fresh air.

Delightfully tongue-in-cheek, these cards combine high-quality letterpress printing, beautiful calligraphy, and an unapologetic use of swear words, to bring your message across in a memorable way.

Perfect for the holiday seasons, the company has came up with four Christmas-themed cards that are printed with F-bombed greetings like “Happy Yuletide, Bitches”.

For those of you who do not take yourself—or Christmas—too seriously, there is still time to get these cards and send them out to like-minded friends and family.

We do not recommend that you send one of these to your grandmother though—she may make you wash your mouth out with soap when she next sees you.


[via Calligraphuck]
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