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‘2-In-1 Smartphone’ Has An E-Paper Display On Its Back For Reading

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Russian mobile communications company Yota Devices has unveiled a new smartphone that has two connected-but-different screens.

Called the ‘YotaPhone’, the Android-based phone has the best of both worlds: a full-color LCD HD resolution display on the front, and a black-and-white electronic paper display (like an Amazon Kindle) on its back.

The LCD display lets users watch videos, play games and perform the likes of a regular smartphone.

While on the other side, the e-ink display lets users receive notifications in real-time, and more easily read news, books or magazines—sans the eyestrain and battery-drain.

The e-paper display also continues to keep the information (such as the notifications, or the page of the book) displayed on the screen even when your phone’s battery runs out—so users don’t have to try to click a button to recall the social media updates they’ve received.

YotaPhone would be available in the second-half of 2013.


What do you think of this smartphone that has two different screens?

[via YotaPhone]
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