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19th Century Paintings Recreated On The Human Body

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‘Museum Anatomy’ is a collection of documentary photographs by Texas-based artist Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector—in which they recreated 19th-century paintings on the human body.

To create each piece, the duo contacted various museums around the world—requesting permission to access and photograph paintings.

Next, they recreated the works on Chadwick’s body by projecting the photographs onto him.

For each piece, Chadwick had to reposition his body until they found a suitable pose.

Using special effects make-up, Spector painted the painting on Chadwick—which can take up to 8-15 hours to complete.

According to the artists, they said, “The recreated paintings of these historic portraits recapture the subjects in their own moment in history.”

“The resulting photographs reveal a unification of art combining antiquity, history and technology in a contemporary context.”

Check out some of their works below:


[via Chadwich Gray and Laura Spector]
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