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A Beautiful, Accurately-Rendered Hobbit House

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It would not be difficult to come across a hobbit-inspired house, given the immense popularity of J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy books—but you may be hard-pressed to find one as beautifully made as this one by Pennsylvania-based architecture firm Archer & Buchanan.

Commissioned by a die-hard Tolkien fan, the house was built with talented, skilled craftsmen and executed with an impressive attention to detail.

Featuring design elements that have been described or sketched by Tolkien himself, it is not just an amateurish fan tribute, but also a serious piece of architecture that uses real-world solutions to bring to life an aspect of a magical world.

For instance, replicating the famed circular doors of hobbit homes was initially thought to be an impossible architectural feat, but the makers persisted in their experimentation and eventually made it a reality.

After all the work that went into it, it seems a pity that this wonderful house is not used as a residence but to house the owner’s valuable stash of Tolkien memorabilia.


[via Core77]
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