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Incredibly Photo-Realistic Pencil Drawings Of Scenes From Famous Movies

London-based artist Marie Harnett reproduces scenes from well-known movies in pencil, creating amazingly photo-realistic drawings that look like grainy black-and-white photographs at first glance.

Her “small, intricately detailed pencil drawings which capture fleeting moments of drama, suspense or beauty” not only bring back your own memory of the movie, but each are also capable of telling its own story when taken out of the film’s context.

With most of her pieces measuring less than 12 centimeters across, the small canvas must have heightened the difficulty of producing works of such rich details.

Her portfolio includes popular films like Marie Antoinette, the Sherlock Holmes series and even the yet to be released The Great Gatsby—view more of her amazing work below.

[via Marie Harnett]
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