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DesignTAXI's End-Of-Year 2012 Reader Survey

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Sometimes you love us, but that feeling is not deep enough to win the world’s love competition.

Other times you hate us, enough to send us anonymous hate mail.

As we move on to a new year in our continuous fight to be a source of inspiration—and if the world doesn’t end on 21st December 2012 as predicted by the Mayans—we at DesignTAXI want to know what you liked, and what you’d like, to read from us.


For all types of social media addicts that unarguably are in need of rehab, let us know which social media platforms you’re on, and which you like best for us to serve you better.

Let us know how you feel about us below; or if you have trouble viewing or submitting the form, you can fill it out here.

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