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Creative Studio Makes Plants Grow From Coins

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Following the footsteps of the plantable coasters and pencils that grow into herbs, creative studio Leafcutter Designs has created plantable paper coins.

Disguised as pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, these paper coins can grow into various types of plants.

The dime seeds are root crops that include carrot, parsnip and turnip; quarter seeds are salad greens like bibb, Black Simpson, Salad Bowl Red, radicchio and endive; and the special Buffalo Nickels grow into lemon mint.

Packaged into thick custom paper rolls, the coins are small and lightweight and will slide easily into any purse or pocket.

To spread the ‘gardening love’, you can try leaving these coins as tips at restaurants or simply leave them on sidewalks for anyone to stumble upon.

Click to watch the video below:


[via Leafcutter Designs]
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