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A Survival Guide To The Office Holiday Party, In Board Game Form

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Copenhagen-based American designer and illustrator of Bureau of Betterment has created a funny board game that would help you survive the socially hazardous office holiday party.

Based on the classic “Snakes & Ladders” game, landing on the right square could let you climb up to corporate party glory (e.g. Make a good impression with the boss’s spouse) but a wrong turn would have you spiralling down to Scandal-ville (e.g. Public make-out session with a co-worker).

“Navigate the highs and lows of the company holiday party. Roll the dice, advance and determine your fate. Will you be the life of the party, or the making of water-cooler gossip?”


Download the beautifully illustrated game here and have some fun with your colleagues during those pre-holiday mini-breaks at the office.

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[via Bureau Of Betterment]
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