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Top 10 World Records Of 2012

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In the second part of our ‘Year In Review’ series, we recall the extreme measures of breaking records—from food to technology and the pride of being infamous.

Top 10 World Records

1. The First Music Video Filmed Entirely On Instagram

Mexico based band ‘The Plastics Revolution’ has claimed that they have filmed the world’s first “music video done entirely on Instagram”. It was made as a music video for the song “Invasion”—shot in 1,905 pictures using a frame-by-frame method. These pictures were put together to make a stop-motion video by San Francisco-based Arturo Perez Jr.

2. The World’s Biggest, Meatiest Sandwich

British chef Tristan Welch served up a carnivore’s dream with the ‘World’s Meatiest Sandwich’. At 25-inches high, 24-inches wide and weighing more than 28 pounds, it is said that the sandwich would probably take more than 10 hours to eat. The monster sandwich consists of 41 various types of meat ranging from ham, salami, chorizo and sausages. Made for the launch of “Man vs. Food Nation”, it kick-starts the program of daring people to take on food challenges.

3. Artist Creates World’s Largest Coffee Bean Mural

Russian sculptor Arkady Kim is named for creating the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic in Moscow. A million coffee beans were roasted into different shades, and glued to a giant panel one-by-one. The artwork measured about 30 square meters and weighed 397 pounds, which surpasses previous world record holder set by Albanian artist Saimir Strati by 88 pounds.

4. The World’s Largest QR-Code You’ll Need A Helicopter To Scan It

The Kraay Family Farm in Canada holds the record for creating the world’s largest QR-code. Stretching up to 29,000 square meters, the QR-code was carved in the corn field and could actually be scanned with a smartphone. Members of the family have even flown over with a helicopter to scan it, in order to prove that the code works!

5. The World’s Largest Chocolate Sculpture


Chocolate and pastry professionals Qzina set a new record of creating the world’s largest chocolate sculpture that weighs 18,239 pounds. The sculpture was modeled after an ancient Mayan Temple—as a tribute to the role the Mayans played in the origins of chocolate. The chocolate temple took more than 400 hours to construct and was built to the temple’s true size in a 1:30 ratio. Qzina plans to destroy the chocolate sculpture on 21 December 2012 (today)—when the Mayan calendar was previously thought to come to an end.

6. The World’s Most Expensive Camera Lens

Photography-enthusiast Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar is the proud owner of the customized Leica SPO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm, also known as the world’s most expensive camera lens, that cost him US$2,064,500. The lens has a body of 1.2-m long, a 42cm-wide end and weighs 132lbs (60kg)—it requires a solid tripod for support. However, the world’s most expensive lens has yet to take an image of anything.

7. The World’s First Ever Guerrilla Crochet Street Artist

New York-based Polish artist Agata Oleksiak takes the title of the world’s first guerrilla crochet street artist. Better known as Olek, she has worked her way crochet-bombing structures around New York and London, including the Wall Street Bull. Olek’s original and somewhat psychedelic work also involves recreating domestic scenes.

8. The World’s First Ever Edible Helium Balloon

Chefs at Chicago’s Alinea Restaurant have made a creative way of getting a chipmunk’s voice by serving up the very first edible helium balloons. The balloons are shaped with sugar and are then inflated with helium. To eat the balloon, you’d have to put your lips on the balloon and inhale the helium in. Now here’s one great reason to ‘play’ with your food!

9. World’s Tallest Mohawk On The Head Of A Guy From Tokyo

You can find the world’s tallest Mohawk on the head of Japan-based fashion designer Kazuhiro Watanabe. Holding the Guinness World Record, Watanabe’s Mohawk stands 3-feet, 8.6-inches tall! For such fixture of hair, he needs two hours, one can of gel and three cans of hairspray to make it stand upright. Would you like to try it out?

10. Dutch Hotel Prides Itself For Being ‘World’s Worst Hotel’

Oddly enough, Amsterdam budget hotel Hans Brinker Budget Hostel has no problems for being infamous. It has been “proudly disappointing travelers for forty years”. Disappointments that include potential food poisoning and mental breakdowns warn customers to enter at their own risk. Despite low standards of hospitality, the owners use this aspect to stand out from their competitors. Check out a series of their funny, tongue-in-cheek advertising slogans that highlight its shortcomings. Keen on checking in for the night?
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