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Top 10 Things To Look Forward To In The Future

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The last part of our ‘Year In Review’ series looks at things that we can eagerly anticipate. From new ways of charging your phone, to mind-controlled devices and recycling human waste, these are advancements in technology we think we could expect in the future, that would better the human race.

Things To Anticipate In The Future

1. The Phone Of The Future: Foldable, with Bendable Batteries, and Physical Buttons That Appear and Disappear?

With the development of flexible displaysworld’s most flexible phone in 2013. Combine this technology with bendable batteries and tactile touchscreen technology: we could not ask for more as we’d have the ideal phone of the future.

2. New Ways Of Charging Electronic Devices

Running out of juice? Not to worry. You can walk or run in your shoes, breathe à la Darth Vader-style, use your body heat, stop by a street sign, or use water: take your pick.

3. Interactive and Technologically-Fashionable Clothes

When fashion and technology collide, things can get pretty interesting and fun. With the debut of a dress that display tweets in real-time, we’re just waiting for it, along with programmable T-shirts and color-changing and size-altering clothes to be produced en masse.

4. Human Waste Becomes Useful

In an effort to help save the earth, waste could become ‘clean energy’ or the likes of it—so as to lessen pollution—don’t you think? Maybe our poop and pee could either truly become edible again, or become a source of electrical power or fuel for vehicles. The thought of it sounds gross, but if the ‘au naturel’ substances are successfully made useful, that ‘shit’ would be great!

5. New Ways Of Commuting


Bored of taking the train or bus; walking, cycling or driving on regular roads? The future may have something you’d like in store for you. How ‘bout swimming to work? Can’t swim? Then cycle on elevated bike lanes or fly in your car to avoid road hazards, buses and cars. We do wonder what other forms of transportation would be built in the future.

6. Waterproofed/Sauce-proofed Everything

Using your phone in the toilet, and dropping sauce or beverages onto paper and your clothes, would soon be worry-free events. With companies developing super-hydrophic coatings, compounds for paper, and non-stick coatings, everything would become waterproofed—making stains or wetness nonexistent.

7. Easiness Of Long-distance Relationships

Keeping long-distance relationships have never been easy. But with the help of technology, it’s becoming a breeze. Besides the usual texts and phonecalls, couples can now share in a social-networking app that’s only meant for the two in a relationship. For something more physical, there will soon be devices that send physical kisses and sex-simulating devices to help maintain the romance.

8. Edible Food Packaging

With edible packagings for cocktails, ice-cream and burgers—and soon-to-be invented edible food and drink containers, the future is near and we would all soon save the earth from plastic wrappers.

9. New Ways of Sharing Information

Sharing information will get more innovative and tangible. As we move into the digital era, and lose the physical touch, in the future, not only will you be able to physically print photos—but also print songs, webpages, books, files and (believe it or not)
smells! These could extend to be used in business cards and postcards to share experiences. What do you think?

10. More Mind-controlled Gadgets?

As a step forward into the shoes of the fictional character telepath Professor X of X-Men, humankind has created mood-controlled tails, and mind-controlled animal ears and skateboards. We’re expecting more mind-controlled devices in the future; but will these devices that pick up brainwaves soon make us all pseudo-telepaths?
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