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Is Apple Testing The iPhone 6?

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In a report by Matt Brian from The Next Web, it was revealed that Apple is already testing the iPhone 6 and its next operating system, the iOS 7.

According to Brian, he reported, “One developer showed us that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new ‘iPhone6,1’ identifier, powered by a device running iOS 7, which is expected to be released by Apple in the middle part of this year.”

The current iPhone 5 is marked on the developer logs as ‘iPhone 5,1’ and ‘iPhone 5,2’ and he has reason to believe that Apple is testing the new hardware.


“Although OS and device data can be faked, the unique IP footprint leading back to Apple’s Cupertino campus leads us to believe this is not one those attempts,” Brian wrote.

“No specifics on hardware or software features are shared in developer logs, but sources have indicated that Apple began working on the new version of iOS 7 towards the end of 2012 and is soon to finalize the features that will be included in its first public release.”

If Apple is truly testing the new iPhone 6, we wonder if it will look something like this.

[via The Next Web]
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