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Elements Of The Periodic Table As Comic Book-Inspired Characters

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Tokyo-based Japanese artist Bunpei Yorifuji has produced a children’s book—'Wonderful Life with the Elements'—in which he re-imagined the elements of the periodic table as comic book-inspired characters with their own distinct style and personality.

Adding a big dose of whimsy and fun to the dry, scientific subjects, the artist based his cute illustrations of the various elements on their “respective chemical properties, era of discovery and natural states”.

Giving “cool cookie” Helium an afro, and Carbon a bushy long beard, the elements ceased to be boring particles and are transformed into amusing “people” that children would be interested to know more about.

The book also comes with a large-format poster of the periodic table, where the symbol representing each element is replaced by a corresponding illustrated character—you can purchase it here.


[via Brainpickings]
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