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Eye-Tracking Device Lets Users Perform Tasks On The Computer With Their Eyes

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Eye tracking and control vendor Tobii has created a computer device called ‘REX’ that is capable of tracking where the user is looking on a computer screen.

Placed beneath the monitor, the device works with a special software called ‘Tobii Gaze’ to track what the user is looking at on the screen—allowing him or her to scroll a page sideways, all at a glance.

A price has yet to be stated for the new tech toy, however, developers are able to get it for US$995.

Tobii expects to launch REX in fall this year, and they will only be releasing 5,000 REX peripherals available for consumer purchase.


However, interested parties can sign up for a ‘VIP pre-order invitation’ here—which the company is planning to send out by March.

[via Tobii]
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