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Artist Mashes Up Batman’s Greatest Villains

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US-based artist Eric Y. Huang has taken Batman’s greatest foes and mashed them together to form new villains for the ‘Dark Knight’.

In his series called ‘Villainy Mix’, evildoers such as Cat Woman and Poison Ivy have joined to become ‘Poisoncat’, while The Joker and The Riddler have turned into ‘Jokernigma’.

Check out more of Huang’s creative mash-ups below:

Cat Woman + Poison Ivy = Poisoncat

Two-Face + Clayface = Twoclay


Mad Hatter + Scarecrow = Madcrow

The Joker+ The Riddler = Jokernigma

Mr. Freeze + The Penguin = Freezepenguin

Bane + Killer Croc = Banecrocodile

Harley Quinn + The Ventriloquist = Peytonharley

[via Gingashi]
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