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A Goodie Bag Of Tampons, Chocolates & Gifts For ‘That Time Of The Month’

New startup company Le Parcel has come up with a monthly subscription service that would make “that time of the month” easier and more bearable for the ladies—each month, subscribers will receive a box of feminine hygiene products, together with a small gift and chocolates.

Ensuring that your supply of tampons, pads and panty-liners arrive on your doorstep in time “every month, without fail”, it would save you from embarrassing situations and the trip to the pharmacy.

To sweeten the deal further, each parcel also includes a gift and chocolates to soothe your PMS, in addition to 30 different products of your choice—all these, for just US$15.

Watch the video below to learn more about this special delivery service:

[via Le Parcel, images via cberryphotos]
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