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How To Wrap Your House In Bacon

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If you love your home, put some bacon on it.

A silly infographic posted by staff writer of Movoto Real Estate Kristin Cosier teaches readers how to wrap their homes in bacon step-by-step.

Step 1: Choose your bacon type—pig, turkey, or fakon?

Step 2: Buy your bacon (1,144 pigs).

Step 3: Cook your bacon (about 182,888 strips for a typical 2,500-square foot house).

Step 4: Cook enough to snack on.

Step 5: Cool your bacon.


Step 6: Staple bacon to your house.

Step 7: Defend your bacon.

Step 8: Epoxy your bacon (to preserve it, while making it shiny).

Step 9: Profit (as your bacon-wrapped house would be the most famous house).

It’s no wonder why we might be facing a world bacon and pork shortage soon.

Click to view entire infographic

Click to view entire infographic

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