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An Amazingly Detailed Hand-Drawn Mural, Features Highest Buildings In The World

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Cornwall-based artist Mark Lascelles Thornton has embarked on 'The Happiness Machine' project—a massive hand-drawn 8 x 5-foot architectural mural that depicts some of the highest buildings in the world, patched together into a fantasy skyline.

Using nothing more than isograph pens and white paper, the talented artist has rendered each building with incredible intricacy—although the buildings were from diverse parts of the world, they fit harmoniously together in this illustrated landscape.

Depicting iconic buildings from Chicago, New York City, London and a number of Asian cities, the largely grayscale mural is brought to life by strategically-placed pops of red.

Set to be completed in March 2013, you can view the entire process from start to finish over here—or watch the video below:


[via Mark Lascelles Thornton]
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