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A Flashlight That Works With Any Size Of Battery

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Looking for batteries of the correct size for your flashlight when you’re in a blackout is, of course, terribly inconvenient.

As a solution, Panasonic has developed a flashlight that can run on any battery you find lying around, regardless of its size—whether AAA or D.

Called ‘Any Battery Light’, the flashlight has an energy efficient arrangement of LEDs, and can work on a single battery—even with size AAA.

When users insert one of each battery size into the flashlight, they can expect up to 86 hours of operation.


Any Battery Light uses one battery at a time, selected by rotating the lamp end of the light.

The Panasonic flashlight is expected to be available on 25 January 2013, at an estimated price of US$24.

[via RocketNews24]
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