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Edible 10 Feet High Towers Made From Thousands Of Cupcakes

Manhattan-based visual arts student Leah Foster has taken society’s current sweet-toothed obsession with cupcakes to a new level—she has created astonishing colorful 10 feet high installations made entirely out of the treat.

Having used up more than 13,000 cupcakes for just two of her delicious projects, Foster has since lost count of how many she has actually baked.

Piling up a massive number of cupcakes to create a series of tower-like structures, the artist states that she does not use any preservative but has taken care to ensure that her pretty pastries are hardy enough to not fall apart when stacked.

The artist has used her unconventional medium to make statements about gender-based body image issues and as canvases for individual expression—for instance, one of her projects was aimed at girls with personal insecurities.

Designed with a very short shelf-life in mind, these sweet installations also say something powerful about the fleeting nature of beauty.

[via Daily Mail]
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