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Namco To Roll Out ‘Arcade Restaurants’

Namco is one of the pioneers of arcade video games, responsible for classics such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

In a bid to bring arcades back, the company is planning to roll out a chain of ‘arcade restaurants’.

The prototype of the restaurants, codenamed ‘Level 256’—a reference to the last level of the original Pac-Man arcade game—will likely be located near Chicago, Illinois.

“It’s no secret that we’ve been exploring a number of new business models and noodling the future of Out-of-Home entertainment for several years now, and out current planning does include an ‘upscale’ restaurant with ‘entertainment elements’,” David Bishop, vice president of Namco Entertainment Inc., told Polygon.

“And yes, we’ve been working with an established American restaurateur, as well as some other really talented external professionals, to develop the concept!”

Is this a new trend to help in reinvent brand—to set up a bricks and mortar?

[via Polygon, image via s_bukley /]
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