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Digital Book Unlocks New Chapters When Readers Are In Specific Locations

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The Silent History is a digital book for the iPhone and iPad that features hundreds of GPS-locked chapters or ‘Field Reports’ that can only be read when the reader is at specific locations.

These location-based chapters can be found all around the world—including one in Antarctica—and can only be accessed when the device’s GPS matches the coordinates of the location.

The e-book tells the story of a generation of children born with a strange condition—the inability to speak or understand language, but gifted with ‘enigmatic and powerful skills’.

The story is told through daily updates, or ‘Testimonials’, that are delivered through the app.

According to its creator Eli Horowitz, he said that the story was developed based on the capabilities of the iPhone.


“It would need to be delivered in bursts short enough to be read in about 15 minutes, standing in line or waiting for the subway. And it would take advantage of GPS, creating location-specific features.”

The Silent History can be purchased from the iTunes Store for US$1.99.

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[via The Silent History]
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